Body Jewelry

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Kspiercing is a Thailand body piercing wholesale supplier which founded in 1989 as a small piercing shop in suburb area at Thailand. We started as a small jewelry design company. until 15 years ago when body piercing become extremely popular, we started to focus on design slowly through the years, We are now the biggest body piercing wholesale in Thailand.

About Us

Like in any other portion of our well growing business, we respect our highly set of standards and quality, but since body jewelry is area tight connected to your health, we made it our primary concern, our products will always be used with the highest quality of 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, titanium or medical plastic to go inside yours or your customer body.

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A total of 408 employees in our expended factory, have one main assignment – serving you the best quality silver jewelry; and their full time job is dedicated to making that assignment done well. The company cares for environment as well, not only do we support recycling and reuse of many production materials, but we also try to minimize the effects of our production process on environment.

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